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William & Melissa

"From our family to yours please except our gratitude.  All the time you took with us did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.  Our old house is sold, and we are living in our new home now, thanks in large part to you."  ~ William & Melissa … [Read more...]

Todd Z.

"You should run for public office.  In my opinion real estate is to small a stage for someone with a personality and talent like yours.  Nevertheless I wanted to reach out and say thank you for your pain staking care in connection with selling our home.  I don't know if it would have been possible for you to do a better job than you did in representing my family and I."  ~ Todd Z. … [Read more...]

Caleb & Monica

"Jordyn one word comes to mind when we think of you: Reliable.  Whether you knew it or not we relied on you.  Whether you were aware of it or not you helped our family at every turn.  If Monica asked me "what should we do?" I could always say "Lets call Jordyn" and when we did you always took the time to explain our options.  Knowing you were there for us whenever we needed you was priceless.  In the end we got the home we wanted and you got two people happy to spread the word about how great it was to work with you."  ~ Caleb & Monica … [Read more...]

Oscar & Lilly

"It's no mystery why you are so successful. You are so good with people and business.  Backed by your knowledge, professionalism, enthusiasm, and work ethic you showed us by example who to put our trust in.  After working with you on several occasions you have never let us down, never failed to return a phone call, never failed to do what you said you would do, and that is why we will never use another agent.  We wish you all the good that life has to offer."  ~  Oscar & Lilly … [Read more...]

Seth A.

"I'm writing you this because I am impressed.  Impressed with you.  Impressed with your skill as a Realtor.  Impressed with the manner in which you helped me sell my home.  Impressed with your willingness to put my needs ahead of your own when I chose to buy a cheaper home.  Impressed with how after all this time you still keep in contact with me.  If I know one thing I know that there are not many men like you out there.  I don't know that I will ever sell this home or buy another one but out of the deal you have a lifelong friend."  ~ Seth A. … [Read more...]

Bryce & Tiffany

"From the moment you walked through our door we knew you were the agent for us.  Time has a way of revealing a person's true nature, and it is that nature of yours that makes you the leader you are.  In real estate related matters we are your followers.  You dispelled our doubts about selling our home and replaced them with hope for a bright future and stood by our side until those hopes were realized.  A very heartfelt thank you from our family to you and your staff."   ~ Bryce & Tiffany … [Read more...]

Kurt & Lauren

"We are lucky to have found you Jordyn.  You always made us feel like we were your only clients even though we knew we were not.  You truly have a gift when it comes to dealing with people. When it came to capacity to handle a complicated situation you simply had what it took.  It is for this reason that we trusted you with our home and our future and you certainly delivered.  As a person and an agent you are a diamond in the ruff."  ~ Kurt & Lauren … [Read more...]

Alex & Jennifer

"Jordyn has exemplified what it means to be a trust worthy real estate professional in every way.  We think of him as an expert in his field.  One of only a handful who has truly mastered his craft.  We know that we have found my agent for life."  ~ Alex & Jennifer … [Read more...]

Dean & Kacey

"Having you on our side through the home buying process was truly a delight.  Thank you Jordyn for making yourself completely available to us through thick and thin.  Knowing we could turn to you with any questions or concerns put our minds at ease.  When it comes to real estate your name is the only name on our minds."   ~ Dean & Kacey … [Read more...]